About Us

The Honey Bee Blues Club is run by a loose collective of like-minded fans who promote gigs in various venues in and around Sheffield, South Yorkshire UK.
The club opened on Friday 17 January 2014 as a once a month night in what was a cellar bar beneath a old semi-derelict picture house. (SEE POSTER 1)
After a mere 5 months the bar was bought out and the ‘Bees’ found themselves hive-less….and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth ! However a local pub, The Hallamshire House, took pity and more to the point took on our outstanding gigs, and so started our pub events which would evolve into a small network of regular venues. (SEE LINKS)
Having been approached to re-located our original ticketed club night by several venues , we held out until Yellow Arch studios had completed their own. The wait was worth it and we relaunched on Friday 27 February 2015. Since then we have been happily ensconced there on the last Friday of the month.
Now in its 3rd year the club promotes an average of 8, free entry, pub gigs a month , plus the ticketed ‘big night’ at Yellow Arch.
So if you like Blues inspired music, everything from traditional acoustic to mashed-up electric, get on down…and remember… knock 3 times as say necessity sent you !