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Source: https://www.bleeknoir.com/

BLEEK NOIR is the alias of songwriter, musician, producer, and recording artist Christopher J Fox.

Bleek Noir has developed a truly signature dark, dramatic, head spinning, somewhat-angular and emotive sound. Reviews have praised Fox’s lyrical prowess, and the power of Bleek Noir.

With fifteen releases under his belt, since the conception of Bleek Noir in 2017, Fox has amassed quite a discography of distinctive and compelling alternative music.

A prolific songwriter, Fox created Bleek Noir to be a studio animal, a vehicle for expression, experimentation, the wealth of material emanating from him and a way to explore publishing.

Until Summer 2019, when three live shows were announced, with a promise of more to come.

Touring professionally in various guises in the past, those familiar with Fox’s previous live work will know that his music’s intensity is not exclusive to his recorded works.

Look out for live dates in a city near you, and the new EP set for release later this year.