Honey Bee Blues Club

Robbie Cavanagh

A self confessed devotee of ‘real music’, Robbie Cavanagh is not defined by genres.
The only rules are good musicians, real instruments, great microphones and performance with emotion. Capturing sound, not producing it.

Robbie performs self penned, unscrubbed tales of heartbreak, loss, love and discovery, and when he puts pen to paper, he lives by his own words. ‘The more you wrestle with an idea, the more contrived it becomes’. Robbie writes with honesty, emotion, and most importantly; instinct.

Though his latest record ‘To Leave/To Be Left’ has received high praise from fans and industry professionals, it’s Robbie’s live performance that has really turned heads and attracted much deserved attention. Stepping out on stage with his long hair, Levi’s and Stetson, a guitar over his shoulder and a well
earned confidence in his chest, Robbie can hardly open his mouth without also opening his heart.
Performance is Robbie’s way of channelling emotion and his passion and energy are incredibly contagious.

Robbie and his band have made their way onto many UK festival stages including Black Deer, Maverick, BlueDot, Cornbury, Wilderness, Buckle and Boots, and Silverstone Woodlands, and has performed in the UK, Europe and USA alongside such artists as Jarrod Dickenson, Aaron Lee Tasjan, The Deslondes, The Wandering Hearts, Beth Nielson Chapman, Mary Gauthier, Jaimee Harris, Robert Vincent, James House, Ferris & Silvester, Wildwood Kin, Max Jury, Whitney Rose, Amelia White, Us The Duo, Jace Everett.

Robbie has worked with BBC Radio 2’s Whispering Bob Harris, recording live sessions in his studio and being played on his Radio 2 show numerous times.
Bob’s company ‘Under The Apple Tree’ have also been heavily involved with Robbie’s music, inviting him to perform at festivals and showcases across the UK and USA as well as Bob hosting Robbie’s record launch show in Harrogate.

Chris Difford has invited Robbie to his annual songwriting retreat, sponsored by The Buddy Holly foundation, two years running where he has written with many successful writers from UK and USA.
After working with youtube channel ‘Mahogany’ to release a live, solo performance of his single ‘Godsend’, Robbie saw the video clock up over 180k views, and over 300k streams on spotify.

After being asked to perform at The Americana Music Association Showcase in London, Robbie went on to be invited to perform at the AMA-UK and Under The Apple Tree showcases at Americana Fest in Nashville, Tennessee.

‘The House Of Songs’ invited Robbie to take part in their week long writing retreat in Bentonville, Arkansas where he wrote with other artists from around the world, before showcasing the new material at live shows around Arkansas, as well as adding to his list of appearances for Americana Fest in Nashville.