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Dark Money – Scott Wainwright


‘Dark Money’ is the twelfth studio album from maverick sonic traveller Scott Wainwright and is his first vocal and song-based album since 2015’s ‘Strangers Here’.


At this point on Scott’s musical journey, we find him incorporating ideas from 2018’s all instrumental album -‘Talking Backwoods’, which was a meeting of American Primitive Guitar and modern-day Electronica and then mixing them with the blues, jazz and world styled songs that are inhabiting his current live performances.


The albums seven songs, much like the songs on ‘Strangers Here’, explore the human condition, the systems we create for ourselves and the way we live within in these systems. A number of songs reflect on our feelings of helplessness in the face of power corrupted by greed.


Once again, the album was recorded at Loom Studios, where Scott worked on the songs with ‘Talking Backwoods’ producer Grant Henderson, who again contributes drums and electronics to many of the songs. The album also features the double bass playing Hugh Bradley, which again furthers the exploration of acoustic sounds working alongside modern electronics.