Honey Bee Blues Club



Sheffield’s most fiercely guarded secret. An international artist of the esoteric zeitgeist. We’re more than happy to welcome back our very own cult figure, man of mystery and madness. A unique gig for a unique artist. Plus a Special Guest and Dj. Lady Irene

Tickets £15 adv –  www.dorothypax.com

Live, Sieben is a one-man rawchestra, looping and layering a heady mix of sounds. Always hypnotic. Previously much more floaty, but all that’s changing. More recently, its all got a bit turbo-charged. “Matt Howden has had enough; somebody’s punk roots are showing on ‘Crumbs’ as these songs get right to the point and then move on”.  Peter Marks, Santa Sangre

LOCKDOWN SIEBEN, a series of live albums, concerts and videos from home. All videos and live concerts are all on  Youtube channel. LOCKDOWN SIEBEN VOLUMES 1-7 now available from  Bandcamp

The Sieben live show:

Try this video for a flavour of what to expect with the Sieben live show –  apart from the first 3 minutes!