Honey Bee Blues Club

The Wanderbird

Songsmith, author, and road worn wanderer Jason D. Thompson a.k.a. The Wanderbird has preached his unique brand of Country & Folk Blues story songs from street corners to festival stages across the globe since 2004. Appearing throughout the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Iceland, Europe and the U.K. respectively.

 “A beautiful mess of expertly played American style country/blues.” -David Chinery (Rock Regenaration) U.K.

 His songs draw from a deep well of rural blues, gospel, country, and folk songwriting traditions. The characters and story’s from his childhood in the Ozark Mountains are frequent visitors, alongside the wisdom gained from a life spent owning little more than a backpack and a guitar.

“It’s hard to forget Jason’s voice. A mix of guttural and commanding sincerity. Fiery, warm, pained, powerful, gritty and embracing.” -Brian Tucker (Star-News)N.C.

 You won’t find Jason on social media or much of anywhere except for a stage. When he is off the road for short spells he spends his time writing short stories, woodshedding songs and wandering the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest, his adopted home.

 Jason’s debut novella “The Wanderbird” is now available at all shows & will be for sale in the U.K. this summer. Mail-order coming soon.