Honey Bee Blues Club


Honey Bee Blues History

The Honey Bee Blues Club held it’s first gig on the 17 January 2014, and we instantly found ourselves with a loyal crew and following. Over the subsequent years the club grew from a single event to promoting an average of 16 gigs a month, and running up to 6 stages on the alternative tramlines circuit, along with the blues stage at the annual Peace in the Park Festival . Working closely with our resident Texan, Ash Gray, we started developing connections with Austin, TX, and began regularly promoting several American acts. By 2018 we had also started to work with venues outside of our home turf of Sheffield, and had began to organise small tour dates for several visiting acts from both Europe and the USA. We also set up Honey Bee Records, releasing limited editions of both vinyl and Cds from the likes of Chris Wragg and Greg Copeland, Cold Jackets, Ash Gray and Sieben. Stay tuned.

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