Honey Bee Blues Club

Buffalo Ghost/Lightning Threads/Andy P Davidson

Excited and honoured to be involved in what will hopefully be looked on as a legendary gig. Buffalo Ghost will be playing at Sheffield’s latest live music venue as The Hallamshire Hotel ( please note this is the one on West St and not The Hallamshire House another great venue for live music in Sheffield.)There’s always an excuse for a good gig and what with the release of their single Country Girl (My Home Town) a new album in the offing and Joe and Smack’s 50th what better excuse than gig. Chuck into the mix support from our good friends Lightning Threads and Andy P Davidson( Fargo Rail Road Company /Black Thunder Revue.) what you have is one night not to be missed. Oh and to top it all it’s “FREE ENTRY”. Having experienced the this venue I can only report back how god it is, a stage where everyone can see (Although I did have Chris Wragg  stood in front of me the other night) an exceptional PA and sound and a bar in the corner. But please don’t take my word for it why not experience it for yourself, See you there March 8th.

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS THE HALLAMSHIRE HOTEL WEST ST. (not The Hallamshire House Common side Walkley.)