Honey Bee Blues Club

Dog Shark Blues Band

The Dogshark Blues Band are Andy “Dogshark” Devine (Vox/Guitar), Matt Clarkson (Drums) & Symon Verity (Bass). Coming out of the COVID pandemic in early 2022 Andy decided, after being retired from professional performance for some years, that he needed to get back to the stage. He started reaching out to fellow like minded players and was lucky enough to find Matt and Symon. The Dogshark Blues Bands have a unique attack and sound that stands them apart. Matts passion for the blues and raw animalistic style made him ideal for the vision Andy had for the band. Symon, like Andy, is a lifelong blues man and fits in like a eskimo in snow with his silky bottom end. Andy’s vocals are powerful and intense. While his guitar style ranges from smokey smooth to soaring and sweet. Taking influence from the likes of Hendrix, Gallagher, Trower and many more. They’re not just a Blues cover band, they’re a Blues Experience.