Honey Bee Blues Club

Ian Britt and ‘Searching for Lil’

Eclectic, enigmatic, melodic, intelligent, acoustic and pop… these are six words you can find using a thesaurus.

They also go some way towards describing Ian Britt’s music.

Working largely as an independent artist, his material is somewhat indefinable, unique and timeless. From luscious, contemporary creations of commanding grandeur to low-fi, whimsical compositions thrown together using household objects as percussion. Poetic, candid observations and revelations display a depth that elevates him above contemporaries. Singing over the utterly melodious, endearing songwriting style and consummate guitar playing, his talents are reflected in the extraordinary achievements he’s made as a DIY-artist.

Britt’s astonishing success with Spotify streams has seen his music accumulate over 15 million worldwide listens (not to mention 450 thousand+ YouTube hits), incredible achievements for an artist working unsupported in an industry in profound flux. This phenomenal reach is due in part to his music having been consistently chosen for all manner of Film and TV over the years, carrying his songs to audiences across the globe, demonstrating his universal charm and appeal.

Sheffield born-and-raised, London-based Britt has toured the world, performing at revered musical institutions such as SXSW, across to the legendary Paradiso, Amsterdam and every dive in between. Be it live radio, live TV, support tours or toilet tours, Britt has well and truly cut his wings and his confident, heartfelt stage performances are testament to his hard work. Determination, fortitude and talent have seen his music get radio airplay including BBC Radio 1 and national Dutch radio stations. His debut album was strong enough to reach second place in the iTunes Folk Chart!

Inspired by time-traveling Marty McFly, he picked up a guitar at the age of 7. Outgrowing his first teacher after just 2 lessons, he fast became consumed by all things music. Stimulated by his Manchester based Father’s comprehensive vinyl collection, he played along to everything from Robert Johnson, Hendrix and Clapton to Talking Heads, Paul Simon and Randy Newman as well as contemporary “Madchester” sounds like Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses. Further encouraged and supported back at home in Sheffield by his Mother, he also consumed her classic pop collection, from The Beatles to Dire Straights to ABBA. This musical schooling was a heady mix of the rich cultural heritage prevailing in Northern England crossed with diverse and potent International flavors. Add to all this the fact that Britt’s love for music initially blossomed throughout the culturally exciting, vibrant 1990s and it becomes clear why there is an eclectic, idiosyncratic yet enduring and accessible nature, charmingly evident throughout Britt’s catalogue.

Ian Britt continues captivating and moving music lovers all around the world with his easy British charm and personality, his endearing and diverse, hooky songwriting sounds, relatable, lyrical candor, his guitar playing and his distinctive, soulful voice.

In a sprawling sea of trite, insubstantial Sheeran copycats and Lumineers sound-a-likes… there is only one Ian Britt… sparkling, like a diamond in the rough.

Hello, I’m Searching For Lil. If you see anything let me know. You see, Lil’s gone, and I’m the one having to tell the story. Lil just releases music every now and then. Performs it too, cheeky thing. Though, it isn’t ‘too’ bad. It’s sort of a mix really. Theres original stuff, unreleased and released, as well as covers from rock influences. The released music is from the debut EP ‘It’s Far From Here’ which can be found on any music platform. This is an acoustic gig, so you might meet glen the guitar (don’t ask questions). Now’s your chance to find Lil, you coming along? Check out @lilsearching (insta), that’s more story for ya. Seeee youuuu,