Honey Bee Blues Club


Jenny Wren and Her Borrowed Wings are most positively the Blues; playing the true facts of life expressed in words and song with inspiration, feeling and understanding. In addition to this, the band delivers a jazzed-up bombardment of rootsy musicianship that effortlessly intertwines with their stripped back earthy core. The result; a unique and impassioned sound, laid bare and beautiful in its honesty.
The front woman and double bassist, Jenny Trilsbach, is the modest centrepiece of the band, often found at the back of the stage, it is especially her phenomenal vocals that make this band a special experience. A beautiful and powerful hurricane starts up the moment she begins to sing. Raw and tender, and full of emotion, a delicious rough pearl is nestled between her vocal chords that manages to touch the hearts of the listener.
Joining Jenny Trilsbach (vocals/double bass) are the exceptional; Ben Fisher (resophonic guitar) and Ben Gallon (acoustic guitar), the remaining vital ingredients that all together defines the original music created by this interesting trio. Into the 8th year of their musical story, with many hundreds of live concerts across the UK and mainland Europe, these three musicians play their acoustic instruments with a seemingly intuitive togetherness that wins them more friends and fans with each performance.
Across their four fantastic albums, the band showcase their mesmerising percussion-free acoustic blues with great song-writing. They create powerful Rhythm and Blues statements that come straight from the heart. Their newest release, When We Were Live, recorded from a concert on their latest tour in Europe, is a live album that captures them at their best, just as they like it, on stage, live, and lively.