Honey Bee Blues Club


JUBE are something entirely different.
When this album came across our desk as a complete package it stood out a mile. It was
genuinely a breath of fresh air. 12 consistently subtle, thoughtful and exquisitely crafted
songs steeped in classic vintage sounds. Slow cooked organic food in the age of the
microwave ready meal.
With considerable care and massive attention to detail, Sheffield-based couple Julie
Clarkson (Vocals, Guitar) and Bennett Holland (Vocals, Keyboards) have worked together
on and off over a 12 year period, to painstakingly create an album of real depth and beauty.
Literally a labour of love. And it shows. With a refreshing disregard for the Instagram friendly,
low attention span, quick delivery times in which it was made, this represents the opposite: a
long-form body of work that has been put together over a span of time; in itself a testament
to the timeless quality of their sound; unfussy, uncomplicated, unshowy, but never-the-less
accomplished, this is music with integrity, soul and passion.
A love letter to the love of music itself. You can feel it.
* * * * * *
Taking the first 2 letters of their christian names to make the project title JUBE, Julie and
Bennett brought together friends from the local Sheffield music scene; Darren Campbell on
Bass Guitar (who Bennett toured when they were both session players in a Groove Armada
project) and Richard Storer on Drums (Bennett’s school friend and old band mate) with
album producer (and another school friend) Tom Henthorn to create the debut album.
With influences from the introspection of Portishead to the lush keyboards of Supertramp, to
the jazz infusions of Sade with classic soul sounds of Aretha Franklin and Al Green, Bill
Withers and Carole King. We hear hints of Muscle Shoals studios, The Doors, Michael
Franks and much more…
Unusually, the project is accompanied by a short documentary film charting the records
inception which will itself be released shortly after the album.
We think this is a contender for timeless summer classic 2020. But don’t take our word for it,
this music speaks for itself… if you can just take the time out of your busy life to give it a
proper listen!