Honey Bee Blues Club


Kalyna and Dan started playing music together in 2020, just as Covid closed music venues. They’ve come from the hardest of starts on Hornby Island on Canada’s remote west coast to embarking on a UK tour in a little under 18 months.  They’ve played all across Canada and are currently touring in the US, working their way west. They are committed to their music and that commitment shines through when you hear it.

Kalyna plays guitar, harmonica and drums as well providing vocals that fuse the power and unique qualities of Janis Joplin and Lena Lovich.  She commands your attention and sings from the heart until it bleeds with gut-curdling emotion.  Accompanied by guitar maestro Dan Gurman, who sits coolly impervious at the eye of the storm, Kalyna’s music rampages round the crowd like a tornado at a vicar’s tea party. It sweeps all before it, grabs your attention and doesn’t let go.

Together they balance and produce a bulldozer of sound.

Crowd reaction is sharp – from “Wow, what’s that!” to “WTF!” to cameras out recording in the time it takes a Ferrari to go from 0 – 60.  The music and lyrics have passion that is real emotion, they play what they mean and they mean what they play.

Kalyna and Dan welcome you.  You’ll not have heard anything like their music.  And you probably won’t again until you see them the next time…