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Light Tide

Light Tide is a dynamic blues folk rock band that hails from the vibrant music scene of Sheffield, UK. Their energetic live shows and catchy, upbeat music have garnered them a devoted following. The band is a four-piece, made up of: William East (Lead Guitar): As the founding member, Will initially started Light Tide as a solo project. His instrumental album, inspired by the North Yorkshire scenery, laid the foundation. Now, with the addition of other talented musicians, Light Tide continues to evolve. Jordan McLean (Drums): Jordan provides the sturdy bedrock for the group. His unique drum tracks enhance each piece of music, bringing a heavier, classic rock angle to every track. Tom Wills (Bass Guitar): Tom’s keen ear for music and his 5-string bass skills anchor the band’s sound. Owen Gower (Vocals & Rhythm Guitar): Owen joined Light Tide in 2021, bringing his vocal flair and deep gritty voice adding to their blues tone. Light Tide draws inspiration from a wide range of genres, including rock, alternative, and folk. Their influences span classic rock acts like Pearl Jam and Led Zeppelin to modern folk icons like Ben Howard and John Butler. In 2019, they released their debut album, “Light Tide,” which received acclaim. Since then, they’ve continued to release singles, including “Livin the Blues Again” and “Burn it Down.” Their music has also found its way into broadcasting media and sports montages. With infectious energy, memorable melodies, and powerful vocals, *Light Tide* is a rising force in the Sheffield rock scene. Keep an eye on them—they’re poised for even greater success! — For more information, you can visit their [official website](https://www.lighttidemusic.com/) . Listen to their singles on [Spotify](https://www.lighttidemusic.com/music) , and check out their impressive latest single, “Legacy”.