Honey Bee Blues Club

Lorraine Lucas & Tali Trow

Lorraine Lucas is a singer, songwriter, musician and composer who draws inspiration from her observations of the world and the human condition in all it’s magnificence and frailty. Her songs tell tales from her life on the road as a teenage runaway znd she has more than earned her place as a country and blues troubadour….she’s been homeless in the Highlands and hit rick bottom as an addict alcoholic by the time she hit 30. ” when it came to it and the grim reaper was grinning down at me and I saw an escape i ran, straight into the doors of AA and I never looked back except to remind me of what I’d be going back to’. Lorraine’s other job is a psychotherapist working mainly with trauma and addiction….”there’s nothing much that I hear i cannot relate to, nothing shocks me…I resonate’. An avid and respected songwriter she has studieded under the tutelage of Boo Hewerdine, Darden Smith, Findlay Napier, Dr Dave Hook and also runs her own songwriting workshops as well as director of Folkestone’s Songwriting Festival. She has shared the stage with amongst others Paul Clifford ( Be Good Tanyas), Michael Ward-Bergeman ( Groanbox, St Louis Symphony Orchestra) Dean Owens, Michael Messer, Robbie McIntosh ( Sir Paul McCartney/The Pretenders) Bruce MacGregor ( Blazing Fiddles) Paul Fitzgerald ( The Coal Porters) and has performed at music festivals and concerts across the UK and Europe. Although flavours of her most respected female songwriters Mary Gauthier, Lucinda Williams, Gillian Welch are woven through her words and music it is Townes Van Zandt, Hank Williams, Bob Dylan, and Warren Zevon whom she credits as being her main influences being brought up on a diet of gothic and country blues in her native homeland hills of North Lanarkshire. Her main instruments are electric ( telecaster) and acoustic guitars she also dabbles in resophonic guitar, nylon strung banjo and mandolin. Her album Messenger ( released in May 2018) does not fall into a specific genre rat