Honey Bee Blues Club


A walking dichotomy of genres and styles, West has found himself accepted by music fans from all walks of life with the tongue in cheek slogan of Not Country Enough. Not Blues Enough. Not Folk Enough. Too Heavy, capturing the essence of his music and live shows. His grounded storytelling and existential lyricism combined with the driving rhythms of his guitar have helped Mike build a reputation as an honest and raw musician who can captivate crowds wherever he plays.
Luke Hendrickson
Minnesotan, Luke Hendrickson collides Country, Rock, gut wrenching honest storytelling and swagger into one authentic package.
Sharing stages in the States with some of the biggest names in Country, Hendrickson is touring the UK for the first time to bring his unique style to a brand new audience. Hot off the heels of his acclaimed records “One Night at The Crystal Lounge” and “A Place to Call our Own”, you don’t want to miss this!