Honey Bee Blues Club


Musical shapeshifter Tensheds brings his unique brand of gritty blues crashing into the 21st
Century with his audacious showmanship and Rachmaninoff style virtuosic piano skills.
Channeling the likes of Tom Waits, Nick Cave and Jack White, this award-winning, Classically
trained maestro, uses his undeniable skill to effortlessly weave between fuzzed-up garage blues
and heart-wrenching ballads, taking the listener on a rock n roll rollercoaster.
Rick Wakeman “A truly unique talent”
Frank Turner “Fucking Incredible”
Classic Rock “A refreshing whiff of anarchy”
Vive le Rock “Imagine if Tom Waits had formed The White Stripes
MOJO “He’s Exceptional”
Louder Than War “Unique and Creative Genius”
Gig Guide “Prepare to be transfixed”
Over the past ten years Tensheds has established himself as one of the UK’s most unique and
versatile performers. With his audacious showmanship and Rachmaninoff style virtuosic piano
skills, this is an artist unstoppable in his pursuit to Make The Piano King Again. Having released 5
critically acclaimed albums and won numerous awards, Tensheds real home is on the stage, and
his insatiable appetite for touring would see him performing (pre-covid) 150+ shows per year.
Since the closure of all venues in March 2020 Tensheds took his show online, streaming live every
Sunday through all three lockdowns with his hugely popular Punk Palace Sessions. During the
first lockdown he actually wrote, premiered, and recorded a new song every week which
culminated in his latest album ‘The Days Of My Confinement’.
Originally training as a classical pianist at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music, Tensheds uses
his remarkable skillset to truly innovate and push boundaries. This coupled with the multiinstrumentalists absolute refusal to pigeonhole his music, sees him constantly evolving and often
drawing comparisons to the likes of Waits, Cave, Dylan and White.
Tensheds real magic lies in his live performances. His unmistakable unique style and rare ability to
blend gritty punk blues with heartfelt piano ballads takes his audience on a rollercoaster ride of
heart-wrenching to foot stomping.
As Tensheds walked off stage at Glastonbury 2019, Frank Turner declared it “Fucking Incredible”.
It is for this reason the likes of John Mayall, Mick Taylor (Rolling Stones), Terry Reid, Roger
Chapman, Paul Young, James Burton (Elvis), BC Camplight, Jeffrey Lewis, Beans On Toast, Paul
Kelly, have all invited him to open for them. Hazel O’Connor was so taken with Tensheds she took
him on 5 full UK tours.
Tensheds makes an impression, which is why Frank Turner invited him to join his band for a tour
of Europe in 2020, Beans On Toast has had him on ever tour since Tensheds supported him in
2015, and Jim Jones recruited him for his post Revue band The Righteous Minds.
“You’ll believe his hype, Tensheds is a refreshing whiff of Anarchy”